Please let me represent you as Suffolk County Republican Candidate for Family Court Judge
Years of teamwork furthering the interests of the local Republican Party and it's candidates. Thousands of hours of pro bono and 18-b Family & Criminal Litigation. Fluent in Spanish. Sensitive to the needs of children and families from all backgrounds. Clients ranging from the famous to the indigent. Someone who you and the citizens of Suffolk County can absolutely count on.

“possesses the ability to make those strenuous decisions dealing with family relationships that is so crucial to fill the position of a Family Court Judge”– Christine L. Adamowicz, Esq., Former ADA, Nassau Family Offense Bureau & Nassau Judicial screening panel, Law Guardian, private and 18b attorney.

“a person of unquestioned integrity, high ethical standards and possessed of a strong commitment” – Leon Wildes, Esq.

“Ms. Kushner is just a phone call away when poor people need legal help, she has worked countless hours sometimes for free” – Bishop Norris Porter, The Christian Charities Deliverance Church

“Ms. Kusher’s knowledge of the law and it’s application to the factual context of a case is beyond reproach” – Paul B. Guttenberg, Esq., Law Guardian

“I believe that she would be an excellent judge” – Martha Weisel, Esq., Law Guardian

“will certainly be an asset to the Family Court Bench of Suffolk County” – Christine L. Adamowicz, Esq., Former ADA, Nassau Family Offense Bureau & Nassau judicial screening panel, Law Guardian, private and 18b attorney.

“I absolutely recommend Linda for a position in the Judiciary where she would be able to help even more people get the justice that we all deserve and want” – Matthew R. Koch

“outstanding academic achievement, character, and record of service” – Jack Child, Assistant Dean, The American University

“an ability to work diligently and creatively in an effort to find solutions that would benefit all concerned.” – Ann Block, Esq., Law Guardian

“has the demeanor, ethics and temprament specially suited to the difficult and emotional matters that commonly find their way into the Fmaily Court arena” – Joseph A. Fredericks, Esq., Law Guardian

“Her dedication to the job was total as she worked what can best be described as “punishing” hours” – Millicent Y. Clark, U.S Department of Justice

“I have been involved in many cases involving Law Guardians, and have found you to be particularly interested in and proactive for your clients’ best interests” – Mitchell J. Devack, Esq.

“a class above all other law guardians in my opinion” – Eric Dubinsky, Esq.

“diligent, zealous in her advocacy and possessing the temperament to be a good judge” - Ellen Rittberg, Esq., Law Guardian

“the undersigned attorney unconditionally recommends that she receive your highest rating” – Theresa Kloeckener, Esq., Law Guardian

“a very competent and caring law guardian” – Joseph Abbenda, Esq., Family Court, private attorney and Senior Law Guardian

“diligent and resourceful, always prepared and has the ability to settle difficult cases. She has a solid background in family law, and will be an asset to the Court.” – Robert C. Mangi, Esq., Senior Law Guardian

“she would be an excellent judge” – Court Officer Paul S. Paoli, Nassau Family Court

“I have known Ms. Kushner for many years. I would highly recommend her to the Committee on Judicial Screening” – john Schlinghyde, Esq., Law Guardian“well qualified with character and sincerity  above reproach” – Kim C. Thomas, 18B Client

“Given her meteoric success to date, I have no doubt she will rise to the top of her profession” – Richard Berendzen, President, The American University

“a staunch advocate for the rights of the children she represents. -  Ann Block, Esq., Law Guardian

“an excellent candidate for judge” – Senior Court Officer Lt. David Janosek, Nassau Family Court

“a zealous representative of poor and wealthy clients” – Senior Court Officer Lt. David Janosek, Nassau Family Court

“The children that she represents are extremely fortunate that they have someone of her caliber assisting them” – Court Officer Barbara Robertson, Nassau Family Court

“professional and prepared in all matters we have been involved with together” – Brent M. Albala, Esq., Law Guardian

“a professional, effective and zealous advocate” – Brent M. Albala, Esq., Law Guardian

“I consider her to be a person of high integrity and profound idealism and I would highly recommend her for a judgeship based upon my personal knowledge of her scholarship, character and personal integrity” – Leon Wildes, Esq.

“she has all the qualities that would make a good judge” – Joan A. Rapozyk, Former Nassau Family Court supervisor (18years), Judicial, Neglect & adoptions departments & court clerk.

“I highly recommend to you and your judicial screening committee, Linda Tennen Kushner, Esq.” – Christine L. Adamowicz, Esq., Former ADA, Nassau Family Offense Bureau & Nassau judicial screening panel, Law Guardian, private and 18b attorney.

“perfectly suited to the job” – Chris DiMaggio, Producer & Stephen Walker, PhD, Divorce Mediators and Families in Transition (FIT TV) Television Producers

“She has fought for me against what most of the time seems like a stacked deck.” – Matthew R. Koch

“well prepared to address the legal and factual issues presented by the wide variety of problems which arise in Family Court litigation” – Joseph A. Fredericks, Esq., Law Guardian

“an adversary with the highest of ethics…I thus would recommend her to the Screening Committee” – John F. Phelan, Esq., Senior County Family Court Attorney

“thank you for your valuable assistance in my recent campaign for County Court” – Dan Palmieri

“Her managerial, organizational and legel skills are exemplary” – Tina J. Hament, CSW, Glen Cove Citizen’s Committee Against Substance Abuse, Inc.

“would be a tremendous asset to the judiciary” – Court Officer Barbara Robertson

“always represented her clients in a professional and competent manner. Her demeanor in Court has always been excellent” – Amy Cobert Haber, Esq., Law Guardian

“I believe that she will be a credible and knowledgeable Referee” – Alfred Reinharz, Esq., Senior Law Guardian

“thank you for helping make Suffolk County Executive Bob Gaffney’s victory a memorable one. Your willingness to be a team member contributed to the overwhelming victories of Supervisors Cochran, Grucci, Kozakiewicz, McGowan and Schneiderman.” – Anthony F. Apollaro, Chairman, Suffolk County Republican Committee

“For the past 12 years I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Linda Kushner. She is a fine attorney who fights for her clients passionately and has a very good knowledge of the law.” – Senior Court Officer Captain Catherine Fagan, Nassau Family Court

“years of experience to do what it takes to protect the rights of all individuals, regardless of background or situation” – Rabbit Yoni Katz

“I would recommend her without reservation for any position for which she may apply” – Senior Court Officer Martin D’Amico, Nassau Family Court

“nothing short of professional, courteous and honest” – Andrew A. Monteleone, Nassau ADA

“a tough adversary who has fought hard for her clients rights” – Andrew A. Monteleone, Nassau ADA

“my best wishes for continued success in all your future endeavors” – Carl L. Marcellino, NY State Senate

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